About Us

Power Air Vitamin® is a company specialized in Research & Development,  led by Malaysian Scientist / Inventor,  Mr Thean Kwai Kong.  He is the registered owner of the Invention Patent  No: MY-124211-A ) and Trademark for  Air Vitamin® (No: 04003043). Air Vitamin® is also registered with The Ministry of Health of Malaysia as a “Medical Device” (No: A-000318)

Mr. Thean Kwai Kong started his Research and Development Business for more than 20 years. Invented more than 50 products and widely used by many well-known international companies.

He is the first Scientist who invented the detector to detect "Harmful Radiation" and educate the public the source of harmful radiation such as EMF from the Power Plug, frequency from the hand phone and etc. Using his detector, he is able to demonstrate that harmful radiation is caused by molecules damaged by EMF from these electronic devices.

Mr Thean also discovered that his medical device can reduce acidity in body pH and turn it to alkaline. Many Doctors & Researchers in the world have published reports that sickness, diseases, and cancer is caused by acidic body.

He started to educate the public by using his medical device as a "therapy backed by scientific research (evidence)" to increase their body pH. He hopes to help millions of people to regain health by reducing body acidity to prevent from diseases.

Mr. Thean Kwai Kong
Inventor   .   Scientist
Founder  0f  Air  Vitamin 
Air Vitamin's founder / inventor / Scientist Mr. Thean Kwai Kong