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<Body pH, Cancer & Radiation>

Health Sharing Talk 

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*  Acidic body is the cause of sickness                         
           * Disease cannot live in an ALKALINE body   
                        (Nobel Prize Winner, German Biochemist Dr. Otto Warburg)
        * ALKALIZE  or  DIE
                        (Dr. Theodore A.Baroody M.ED., D.C., L.M.T., N.D., Ph.D.)
   * 100% Cancer patients have acidic body 
(Japan Tokyo Metropolitan positive tests of Health Dr. Liuze Wen ) 
The world’s first and unique
Scientific Therapy 
Will be demonstrated on-site by
Mr. Thean Kwai Kong, 
an international invention patent holder and 
one of Malaysia's leading scientists 

   * change your blood pH
from acidic to mild alkaline
Do not miss this golden opportunity.
Come to test it for yourself.
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